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Elevate then create:A Brand That Birthed Culture. Clothing. & Conversations

colorblock crop and spandex shorts

Elevate Then Create is an Atlanta based clothing brand created for individual thinkers, who express themselves through fashion. Elevate Then Create clothing is heavily influenced by the 90's fashion era and created for urban youth subcultures. Elevate Then Create launched its innovative brand with a powerful message “Elevating a mind, creating a generation”.


Culture. Clothing. Conversation. Three words that have birthed the brand Elevate Then Create. Culture is something that both evolves and stays the same over time. Culture creates a time capsule that can not easily be interrupted or erased. Speaking of erased… When  Elevate Then Create was curated it was curated with culture preservation in mind. As the Founder of  Elevate Then Create I have to admit I love the 90’s. The 90’s were great years of expression and freedom in fashion, for the culture.

Elevate Then Create has curated a line of products, clothing and experiences that allow for influence, education, freedom of speech and dress. The brand caters to individuals of all ages. We wanted to present a marriage of ages across the culture. Decreasing the divide.

Culture. Clothing. Conversation. Whether walking on the street, attending a function, or enjoying family and friends great clothing creates cultured conversations. Even strangers notice catchy pieces and spark conversation.  Elevate Then Create aims to break the silence of the culture by presenting conversation worthy pieces. Our mission is to globally impact culture and fashion with clothing that essentially talk. We are learning more and more that there are times when silence is golden but the freedom of dress allows for speaking, and speaking loud!


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