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About the 2Dope2Bully Campaign


Founded in May 2016, the 2Dope2Bully campaign aims to raise awareness about bullying.


According to, approximately 20% of students aged 12-18 experience bullying nationwide. Additionally, 19% of students in grades 9-12 reported being bullied on school property in the year prior to the survey.

Here's a breakdown of where students aged 12-18 have experienced bullying at school:

  • Hallway or stairwell: 43.4%

  • Classroom: 42.1%

  • Cafeteria: 26.8%

  • Outside on school grounds: 21.9%

  • Online or via text: 15.3%

  • Bathroom or locker room: 12.1%

  • Other areas within the school building: 2.1%

Approximately 46% of bullied students ages 12-18 reported the incidents to an adult at school.


With your support, we can make a difference. We educate individuals on the consequences of bullying by speaking at various events, where we distribute informational brochures to both adults and children. These brochures include tips on handling bullying, ways to identify it, and strategies to prevent it.


A percentage of our earnings is donated to various anti-bullying charities, while the remaining funds help us continue raising awareness by attending events. Together, we can help stop bullying before it starts.


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